Stephanie Pharr is an Atlanta based performance artist, photographer and archivist who has performed throughout the United States and exhibited internationally. Their work engages symbolic and ritual space through intuitive play, gesture and task-based action.  They reflect on the possibilities and boundaries within relationships, identity and desire in the context of personal and collective modes of expression. Pharr has been named one of Atlanta’s top 30 under 30 artists by ArtsATL and has become one of twelve Walthall Fellows for 2014-2015.  They are currently the Performance Art Coordinator for LadyFest Atlanta and have recently founded an artist residency and sanctuary in Dahlonega, Georgia.


I am to play. My work is process; it is an organic, living journal of curiosities and qualms I experience with and in the world. Through various forms of performance, photography and video I explore and reflect on identity, space, and magik ritual. Gestural play is essential to my practice. Guised, nude or adorned, my body serves to activate space and objects through intuitive exploration. I’m interested in body politics, the impossibility of authenticity, personal mythology, parody, and iconic female archetypes. Photography and collaborative theater served as a point of departure for my live performances.  So, naturally, I am falling in deep lust with video work. I am seduced by moving images, time, repetition, nostalgia and collaborative play.