BFA Photography 2010, Savannah College of Art and Design, Cum Laude



I'm a Disney Prince(ss) it's Our Birthday, Bohemian Grove; Brooklyn, NY

Heal and Blood, Hymhouse, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery; Atlanta, GA

Bitch on the Bitch, Lowennial, Low Museum's Yellowsim Chamber; Atlanta, GA

Waking Down by Shana Robbins, Gallery Protocol; Gainesville, FL

The Loverly Dinner by Xee Xee Bow Dong, Sumptuary Arts at Mint Gallery; Atlanta, GA 

The Nature of Conciseness with N.E.M., Skwhirlhaus, Atlanta, GA

I'm a Disney Prince(ss) it's Our Birthday Again, Vida Voce at Mint Gallery; Atlanta, GA

Philia with Prince Diana and Orion crook, Low Museum; Atlanta, GA


Wash by Martha WittingtonWhite Space; Atlanta, GA

The Revolution is not a Party by Kathleen Ritter, Flux Night; Atlanta, GA

Thunderroad with N.E.M. at Art on the Atlanta Beltline; Atlanta, GA

Performing Safely with Sandra Lee Phipps, White Space Gallery; Atlanta GA

Deep Space Showcase: intro and Interlude, Toy Boat; Ashville, NC

Monstrous Feminine by Shana Robbins, Beep Beep Gallery; Atlanta, GA

Never Ending Predictive Technique with Lam, dooGallery; Atlanta, GA

See Through by Push Push Theater, Ericson Clock; Atlanta, GA

Headband Girls Is Not Sharing This Birthday Cake, The Office; Atlanta, GA


The Back Pockets Epic Circle America Tour and Mockumentary; USA

Love Like a Devil’s Handshake curated by Jonathan Bouknight, Atlanta Contemporary Center; Atlanta, GA

Milk and Honey in collaboration with Christ, Lord and Henry DetweilerArt on the Atlanta Beltline; Atlanta, GA

An Evening of Art and Music with the Back PocketsShakespeare Tavern; Atlanta, GA


Serious Moonlight: A Cosmic Myth by Lakshmi Polavarapu, Flux Night; Atlanta, GA

Performance with Henry Detweiler and Headband Girls, Dashboard Co-Op’s Ground Floor; Atlanta, GA

I can Dream all Day with Dodekapus Collective; Atlanta GA

A Golden Bear’s Gift with The Back Pockets, Surreal College Night at the High Museum; Atlanta GA




Queer Prophecies: Future Visions by Coral Short and Angela Gabereau; San Francisco, CA

Existing Conditions: with Neil Fried and Keesh La Reine, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery; Atlanta, GA

Milk Bath and Treasurecise, with Claire Brooks, Big Haus; Atlanta, GA


Stop, dooGallery; Atlanta, GA

Associations with Brett Flanigan, Nelson Street Gallery; Atlanta GA

WonderGlo: The Race with Kelly Blackmon, W Hotel; Atlanta, GA 


In Transit with N.E.M.. Wonderroot; Atlanta, GA

Uneveness video performance with Kombo Chapfika, The National Gallery of Zimbabwe; Harare, Zimbabwe

Skies Over the Battle of Atlanta with Lakshmi Polavarapu and Neil Fried, Burnaway’s Third Annual Fundraiser, Granite Room; Atlanta GA


Hello World, Wonderroot; Atlanta, GA

Ylellisyytta Unelmat, curated by Verity Oberg for the 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival, Retramp Gallery; Berlin, DE

Visceral Environments curated by Ashley Kauschinger at Wonderroot Community Arts Center, Atlanta, GA,

Processes curated by Jason Parker, Granite Room; Atlanta GA


Femme Fatale, Wonderroot, Atlanta, GA

BFA Graduate Exhibition, William Turner Gallery; Atlanta, GA

Women in Space, Studioplex; Atlanta, GA

Alchemy: Contemporary Works and Antiquarian Processes, Studioplex; Atlanta, GA

Collective Conscious, Dodekapus Collective; Atlanta, GA

A Life Beyond Your Own, Raw Space; Atlanta, GA



Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Nominee 2014 and 2015

WonderRoot's Walthall Fellowship 2014

ArtAtl's 30 under 30 Artst's of Atlanta 2014

Idea Capital Grand Recipient 2014



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